Now you can have Geralt in a bathtub on your desk

So you’ve already got the adult colouring-in book, but now you can expand your collection of eccentric Witcher stuff with this… intriguing objet d’art that’s guaranteed to get conversations started about your questionable taste in decor. Or, if you live in Cape Town, about whether or not that’s municipal water and if he’s planning to reuse it to flush the toilet because otherwise that’s an extravagant waste and who does this guy even think he is.

According to Polygon, this unconventional Dark Horse collectible on display at the recent New York Toy Fair is a prototype with no launch date confirmed, but it’s also very similar to an actual, real thing that CD Projekt Red sent to PC Gamer last year – including the rubber duck, even – in recognition of the website’s infatuation with the Bather of Blaviken.

Those are almost definitely fart bubbles.

It’s only weird if you make it weird.

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