EA wants to take you down to Paradise City once more, with Burnout Paradise Remastered

A Burnout remaster is hardly a surprise, but it’s still really good news to hear that it’s officially happening. Not only is it happening, but it’s happening in less than a month, it’s happening at 60 frames per second, and it’s happening in tire-shreddingly sharp 4K, should you have the hardware to pull it off.

Pure vehicular hedonism, that’s what this is. Burnout Paradise Remastered brings the core game and all eight DLC packs released during the “year of paradise”, as EA calls it, so you’ll have a veritable treasure trove of wreckless driving to enjoy.

The add-ons included are as follows:

  • Big Surf Island
  • Party Pack
  • Burnout Bikes
  • Boost Special
  • Legendary Cars
  • Cagney Update
  • Toys
  • Cops & Robbers Pack

PC gamers will get their chance behind the wheel too, but that release date is yet to be confirmed. In the meantime, Xbox One owners with EA Access subscriptions will have the honour of opening the dance floor with a Play First Trial kicking off on 9 March.

File this under: Best News All Day.