Giblets: Another Denuvo game has been cracked

Denuvo’s DRM offerings are still very attractive to developers and publishers looking to protect their software from being pirated early on in the launch window, but cracking groups are rapidly catching up and breaking the protection as quickly as new versions are released. The latest version, Denuvo 4.8, was protecting Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age, but it wasn’t as deeply integrated as Assassin’s Creed Origins, which uses Denuvo 4.9 (the latest version, which to date hasn’t been cracked, just bypassed).

The cracking group CPY notes in the accompanying info files that they “decided to stop with subversion labeling since the situation got out of control”, so this is likely the last time that Denuvo will receive point-release names. Denuvo 4.8 has only recently fallen victim to cracking groups after the successful crack of Sonic Forces. Version 4.7, which protects a host of games from EA and other AAA publishers, still remains uncracked.

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