Your free Xbox Games with Gold for March have been announced, which is odd because February has only just begun and oh snap it’s basically March already

How is it possible that March is almost upon us? January felt about eleventy three weeks long, but February is always over before it’s even had time to get its boots on. Be that as it may, Microsoft has announced the quadrite of free games for Xbox Live Gold subscribers for next month, and it’s a litter of mixed kittens, make no mistake.

As always, you’re getting four free games. As always, two are Xbox One titles and two are Xbox 360 titles which are also playable on your Xbox One via the black magik of backward compatible witchcraft trickery. And, as always, some of the games are worth your time, some aren’t.

On the Xbox One front, March kicks off with the confused physics-bike-versus-action-platform game Trials of the Blood Dragon. We have enough Trials games, and they’re lovely, but this one was the unlikely mash-up no-one asked for, and it’s not amazing. Unlike the second title in the March lineup, Superhot, which is amazing, with its Matrix-tinged time splicing FPS weirdness. This one is worth your attention, believe me.

The video game translation of Disney’s Brave is up first on Xbox 360, and it’s a typical throwback to a time before publishers realised that not all movies need a game tie-in. It’s not atrocious, but it’s not great value for money, even when it’s free. Also, the box art says “Xbox 360 Kinect”, which makes me feel very anxious – I have too many memories of reviewing travesties like Kinect Zumba and Kinect Dance Dance Sing-Along Donkey or something similar back then. Brave is followed by Quantum Conundrum, an underrated Portal-esque puzzle adventure which was surprisingly clever in its day.

Right, so on Xbox One it’s Trials of the Blood Dragon all month long, and Superhot from the 16 March to the 15 April, while on Xbox 360 it’s Brave through to 15 March, and then Quantum Conundrum until the end of the month.

For what it’s worth, I’m not sure that ”quadrite” is actually a word.  But it bloody well should be. And hey, look at that John Milton, the chap made up more words than most of us can even imagine, and look how far that got him. Fine, I could have said “tetralogy” or “quadrilogy”, but I like my new word. It’s neat, and it doesn’t imply that the items are related, like those two words do. You’re all welcome to use it whenever you like.