DICE is currently working on the reveal trailer for Battlefield 2018

This is the highbrow life of video game journalism – reporting on the revelation that there will soon be a revelation of something else.

Still, anything to do with a new Battlefield game is big news in my book, so let’s all get super excited about the fact that the DICE team is busy putting together a reveal trailer for whatever this year’s Battlefield turns out to be. I’m very super excited. The revelation of a pending revelation comes via the Twitter feed of one Mr Randy Evans, senior video and media director at DICE, so you know it’s the real deal.

What’s it going to be? Hard to tell. In December we reported on rumour that it’s going to be Bad Company 3, which would rock my world. But as Tarryn mentioned last month, there are a lot of possibilities, but whatever it is, please can it have a grand total of zero jet packs? That would be awesome.