Metal Gear Survive is getting a new co-op mission type next month

Metal Gear Survive is still hot off the disc pressing machine thing (I don’t know what they use to make game discs, okay), and Konami has already announced a new mission type to be added to the game next month. Known as Rescue Mission, this new co-op mode tasks teams to head off into the wild to rescue soldiers in need.

Rescue Missions will require “a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit” compared to the Salvage Mission mode, according to Konami. That’s really all we know about the new mode right now. The publisher has also listed a slew of daily co-op challenges with unique battle conditions and more rewards to be earned.

Something else that has come up in the days since Metal Gear Survive was launched is the concern regarding the character save slot system in the game. As it turns out, the game only offers you one slot, and if you want more you’re going to have to buy them. And suddenly the game’s relatively low purchase price starts to make sense.

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