Into the Breach is a mechs-versus-monsters game from the developers of FTL, and it’s out today

It is the future. Like almost every other video game future, it is a bleak one, presumably because if it weren’t, there wouldn’t be much to accomplish. Like, oh, we’ve already got flying cars and food replicators and a biodegradable alternative to styrofoam. I guess we’ll just get back in our nutrient vats and plug into hyper-reality TV until the sun burns out. Lame-o. So instead, in this future, monsters have invaded the planet, and we must stop them with mechs in a war for nothing less than the continued existence of humanity and a future that’s less bleak but maybe still kind of bleak to keep some space for a sequel.

Mashing up Pacific Rim and XCOM, Into the Breach is a turn-based tactical strategy game, and if it’s anything like FTL: Faster Than Light, it’s probably also I-hate-myself-level hard. Also like FTL, the game features random scenario generation and persistent unlocks so you can fail, restart, and fail again, plus some absolutely gorgeous retro aesthetics.

Local pricing on Steam and GOG isn’t available yet for some reason, but it’s apparently $15 in the US, and it doesn’t even matter because it’s payday.