It seems Epic will be adding jetpacks into the Fortnite mix sometime soon

Fortnite is short on transport options compared to its muse, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (I’m going to go ahead and call it PUBG from here on because that’s the kind of game name which can give a person a touch of carpal tunnel syndrome if you’ve got to type it out in full each time). It’s an issue which Epic is clearly looking to address, and address with style, by giving Fornite players jetpacks.

I think it’s Billy Campbell’s First Law of Rocketeering that tells us that jetpacks make anything cooler by at least 70 percent, so this can only be good news. Epic hasn’t made any kind of flashy announcement regarding this upcoming addition, but it was spotted on a Fortnite update screen, giving us very little to work with other than that jetpacks are coming soon, and that we’ll be able to “take to fight to all new heights”.

There’s the possibility of it being a purely cosmetic item, but I reckon that the little description there definitely points to it being an active piece of equipment. But that still leaves it wide open – are we talking about short, low altitude bursts? Or will people be able to pull off long range, high risk insertions behind enemy lines with these things? Hopefully Epic will enlighten us soon.

Via VG247