Chrono Trigger is out now on Steam, buuuuut

… it’s a PC port of the garbage mobile port of the original SNES game, and they didn’t even take out the touchscreen control interface. So. This is awkward.

First launched in 1995, Square’s time-travelling JRPG was developed by the studio’s “dream team” of 90s Japanese celeb-designers, including Hironobu Sakaguchi (Final Fantasy series creator), Yuji Horii (Dragon Quest series creator), and Akira Toriyama (Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball artist). Even now more than 20 years on, it’s one of those games that must be included in every best games ever, forever list, probably in the top 20, those are the rules, or your list is totally fake and you don’t even know. I’ve never actually finished it.

Anyway, the new PC version features the mobile version’s same drab, rescaled graphics, questionable fonts, and even the touchscreen buttons, with new buttons ingeniously pasted on top of them so you won’t realise it (but you’ll realise it).

Image via Kotaku.

And then, this abomination.

Image via Twitter.

Inevitably, the game’s Steam reviews are trending red-for-bad, with user Joosh writing that “I bought, I started, I quit and refunded the game. 0/10”.