Paladins developer, who has been previously called out for copying Overwatch, calls out Overwatch developer for copying Paladins, and you can’t make this stuff up

Does new Overwatch hero Brigitte Lindholm look like Paladins hero Ash? Maybe. Maybe not. THE INTERNET WILL DECIDE.

Since launching in 2016, Hi-Rez Studios’ Paladins (which also recently revealed its own battle royale mode, because if PUBG can do it, everybody can do it) has been consistently compared with Overwatch. And it’s not exactly a difficult comparison to make.

This is Barik from Paladins, for example:

And this is Overwatch’s Torbjörn:

Here’s Androxus:

And here’s Reaper:

Awkward? Awkward.

But this week’s reveal of Brigitte has turned things topsy-turvy, with Hi-Rez Studios boss Stewart Chisam pointing out that she kind of looks like Ash.

And, I mean, she kind of does. Although she also looks like generic-babe-with-impractical-armour, kind of, so there’s that too. And both of them look like Diablo’s Crusader, anyway, and is anything even original anymore?


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