Sea of Thieves is setting sail for yet another weekend of testing

A game like Sea of Thieves lives and dies on the strength of its connectivity and servers and all that technical stuff that makes sure that when you press “Join Game” you aren’t greeted with a sad face icon and a feeling of eternal sadness inside. This new, original IP is a big play for Microsoft, a company with very few high profile exclusives lined up, and a wonky launch would be a disaster. Understandably, Rare is really, really making sure that Sea of Thieves doesn’t sink on launch day, and is pulling up anchor again this weekend for another stress test session.

So far this game has been tested more times than Charlie Sheen, and this wont be the end of it either – expect at least one more stress test, or quite possibly a proper, full scale open beta to really push the servers to the limit. For now though, this is still a closed affair, so, as with the previous test sessions, only those who have signed up for the Insider Program or pre-ordered the game will be able to hit the waves. And be murdered by racists.

The stress test should be up and running already, and ends Sunday 10AM GMT. Perhaps I’ll see you out there? I’ll be the big bald pirate hiding behind a palm tree, muttering about people hurting my feelings. Just remember, this is a stress test, so don’t expect smooth sailing.


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