Greetings NAGilzitees, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week is the scoop on the new Battlefield game, a horror title lets you be the baddie, Diablo is coming to Switch (or not), Ubisoft goes hard with Far Cry 5 marketing, Trump beats the “gaming violence” dead horse a few more times and an FPS classic makes it way to Xbox in remastered form. All that, more videos and highlights from the week, after the jump.

New Battlefield game will reportedly tackle WW2

Bad news for Bad Company fans – BC3 is not coming this year, or anytime soon, in spite of some previous rumours.

Reports are now circulating that this years Battlefield game will be called Battlefield V and just like Call of Duty: WW2, will be set in the second World War.

This is part of EA and DICE’s internal resolution to take an extended break from modern-era and near-future war sims and go back to old faithful. A decision I’ve very much on board with, and judging by Battlefield One’s sales, a decision Battlefield fans are happy with as well.

The title will reportedly have lootboxes, but these will be limited to cosmetic items and not impact the gameplay or give anyone with a thick wallet an unfair advantage. After the Battlefront 2 debacle, you can expect them to tread very carefully with these.

Carrion lets you be the baddie in new horror game

Phobia is billing their new title as “reverse horror”, which is kind of a weird way of saying that you get to be the flesh-eating monster rather than the helpless human.

It’s not a wholly original idea, but it has been generating quite a lot of buzz for a side-scrolling indie effort. After seeing this pre-alpha footage, however, I have to say it does look pretty awesome. Your character is some kind of seething mass of viscera, but the way you grab screaming humans with your tendrils of gore and devour them is actually quite unsettling. I’m a fan.

Diablo III may or may not be coming to Switch

Blizzard got a little cheeky this week, putting out a tweet that had a very short clip of a glowing Diablo-head plugged into an electrical outlet. A hand appears and “switches” it off. Clever, huh? Nah, not really – unless you think subtext painted in glowing neon is clever subtlety.

But Blizzard has denied the implication – sort of.

“We cannot confirm this rumour,” a Blizzard spokesperson told Eurogamer. “As of now, we do not have any current plans to announce Diablo for Switch.

“This tweet was meant to be a fun engagement piece. We do not have any plans to announce Diablo for Switch.”

So it seems it’s entirely possible that this not-so-clever-not-so-subtle tease from Blizzard was entirely coincidental, and that they just thought the idea of a Diablo nightlight was cool. Or something. That’s their story and for now, they’re sticking with it.

Ubisoft shows off the Seed family in new Far Cry 5 teasers

Ubisoft has never been afraid of throwing the full weight of their marketing team behind their big releases, and the Far Cry 5 content has been coming thick and fast as the March 27 release date approaches.

In this new set of four teasers, we meet the delightful members of the Seed family – Jacob, a combat veteran who’s in charge of recruiting new members into the cult with questionable psychological ethics; John, younger brother to Jacob and somewhat more likeable (but just as manipulative); Faith, the calm member of the clan who keeps everyone happy, and finally Joseph, the Jim Jones of the operation who thinks he’s saving everybody. You can check out the whole happy family below.

Trump re-ignites the video game violence debate

In the wake of yet another school shooting in the United States, President and resident laughing stock Donald Trump has wheeled out the old chestnut of blaming the video games. “We have to do something about maybe what they’re seeing and how they’re seeing it,” Trump said during a meeting on school safety. “And also videogames. I’m hearing more and more people say the level of violence on videogames is really shaping young people’s thoughts.”

“And also videogames!” – truly a measured and well-reasoned approach to a tragedy that has become all too common in a country where gun control has been a topic of heated debate for years. To prop up this particular bit of puffery, Trump is supposedly convening a meeting with videogame execs to discuss the problem.

I’m not necessarily against research of any kind, and if videogame violence needs to be re-examined then so be it. But there have been countless studies done on this issue already, with fairly conclusive results. Revisiting it is a worthwhile endeavour, but not if it’s going to distract from other conversations which will no doubt have more significant impact on the problem at hand.

Turok 1 and 2 make it to Xbox One

I always like it when a classic comes back around the pass for another victory lap. The Turok games were a Pretty Big Deal in my childhood, which is unsurprising since it was an FPS that had you battling dinosaurs.

Now you can play the all new remastered versions, courtesy of Nightdive Studios. They sell for around R240 each, which is, you know, not bad, I guess? Honestly game prices have gotten so insane my perception of what is or isn’t a good deal is totally warped.

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Q.U.B.E. was a 2012 release that went for Portal-esque puzzles, but lacked that game’s personality and charm. New release Q.U.B.E. 2 aims to insert exactly that – could be one to watch; it releases 13 March.

Forza Horizon looks dope at 4K on Xbox One – a victory for backwards compatibility indeed. No remaster here, just a cranked res.

Sick of Far Cry 5 stuff yet? The game will be getting a short live-action film to promote it, releasing on Amazon Prime on March 5th.

Sea of Thieves has been getting a hard push from Microsoft, and the constant exposure has been enough to get me interested. This latest video outlines how you can customise your ship.

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