Terry Pratchett’s brilliant Discworld is being turned into a six-part miniseries by BBC Studios

The late Terry Pratchett created a vivid, living and breathing fictional world with his long running Discworld novels, a series heaving with interesting characters and entertaining narrative threads. It’s the kind of book series that you would imagine lends itself well to film or television translation, but so far the made-for-TV iterations haven’t done Mr Pratchett’s work justice. That could change though, with BBC Studios announcing that there is a six-part miniseries based on the books in the works.

With the working title of The Watch, the miniseries is presumably based on the City Watch subset of the Discworld novels. While some might argue it would make more sense in the long run to start from the beginning with The Colour of Magic and work forward from there, the City Watch narrative is definitely one the best storylines in the series. The Watch is being created in conjunction with Narrativia, the production company run by Terry Pratchett’s former business manager Rob Wilkins and his daughter, Rhianna.

According to a Deadline report, the plan is to turn this into a returning franchise, so we might end up seeing the rest of the cast sets too. The Watch thread brings in a number of few other Discworld factions as it is, so we’ll be seeing quite a bit of the wizards of the Unseen University, the delightfully tyrannical Lord Vetinari, dwarfs, trolls, and the rest.

There has been no announcement of a release date or casting, but we can expect more on that as production moves along.

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