Local indie game Echoplex launches next week, so dial up your Hype-O-Trons with this trailer

Less than two years after we featured a prototype version as one of our rAge home_coded most wanted, Joburg studio Output Games’ creepy cyber-döppelgänger puzzle-’em-up is exiting Steam Early Access on 15 March, and becoming a real game. They grow up so fast.

Mixing minimalist aesthetics and full-motion video sequences, Echoplex is a unique, non-linear 3D platformer in which you must manipulate time to bamboozle a digital duplicate of yourself who copies everything you do, while also working out “the mysterious connection between an engineer working at Clonochem Corporation and an activist protesting the company’s controversial product, Continuum”. Intriguing.

Pricetag is R149, with an extra 10% discount for the first week.

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