State of Decay 2 has a release date, will come in both standard and Ultimate Edition flavours

We’ve all been so wrapped up in Sea of Thieves, we had almost forgotten about the other big thing lined up for Xbox One in the coming months – State of Decay 2. After a delay or two, Microsoft has finally set a release date in stone, announcing recently that the Xbox exclusive zombie survival game will be arriving on 22 May.

The original State of Decay was an Xbox Live Arcade hit in 2013, and did well for itself on Xbox One as the Year-One Survival Edition in April 2015. It was an ambitious title, loaded with potential, but even in its remastered form I found it hard to love – so many rough edges, both literally and gameplay-wise left State of Decay feeling like an indie game which was punching above its weight class. Microsoft will have made sure that Undead Labs has fixed all of that, and added a whole lot more, for State of Decay 2 when it arrives.

It will be released in both regular and Ultimate Edition flavours, with State of Decay 2: Ultimate Edition throwing the Independence Pack and Daybreak Pack into the deal. The extra content will be available separately at a later date. For your money (the Ultimate Edition will be retailing for $49.99, as opposed to $29.99 for the standard edition) you’ll also get to play the game four days earlier than the rest, and will get a download token for State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition.

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