The team who ported Skyrim for Switch has offered to do the same for Monster Hunter World because they’re confident and ballsy like that

Iron Galaxy got Skyrim up and running on Nintendo Switch, and the developer reckons the same can be done for Capcom’s hugely popular Monster Hunter World.  CEO Adam Boyes is so sure that his team can get it right that he’s taken to Twitter to offer to take on porting duties.

Capcom had previously been hesitant to commit to a Switch version of what is now the company’s biggest selling game of all time, largely due to Monster Hunter World being a complex and difficult project to squeeze into the hardware parameters of Nintendo’s hybrid console. But Iron Galaxy Studios specialises in complex and difficult projects, and the developer wants the chance to prove that it can be done.

People were impressed with the Switch port of Skyrim, and rightly so – it’s a massive game, and the Switch version got quite close to the Xbox One and PS4 editions in terms of features and visual fidelity. But we’re still talking about a game which has been out for a good few years, whereas Monster Hunter World is on par with the best that the current console generation has to offer, so you would imagine that platform parity for Capcom’s big seller will be a serious challenge. Still, Iron Galaxy seems sure they can pull it off, so we’ll wait and see how Capcom responds to the offer.


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