Giblets: Twitch 5 for Chrome returns with a new name

For those of you who read my previous article on the Twitch 5 extension last year, you might have noticed that the app was pulled from the Google Web Store, and it wasn’t receiving any updates. Clicking on the store URL in the app’s settings would redirect you to the store home page, and you couldn’t reinstall the app on new installations of Chrome. I tracked down the app’s developer CoolCmd (aka Alexander Choporov), and was told that it was still being developed by him (and not bought by a third party), and that nothing else has been changed code-wise. The app was pulled down through a request by Twitch, who felt that the extension’s name was too close to their product. Alternate Player for is available now on the Google Web Store (compatible with Vivali, Opera, and Brave), the Microsoft Store, and the Firefox Addons store.

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