PlayStation has cancelled the launch of sexual predator simulator Super Seducer, and nothing of value is lost

It takes something special for a game to be dumped by a console, but Super Seducer definitely qualifies for that (dis)honour. A game about picking up girls, including wrong answer scenarios with a distinctly dodgy flavour, Super Seducer was ready for sweet, sweet release this week, but has now been cock-blocked by Sony.

Thrown together by top ranking slimebag Richard La Ruina, who considers himself the best pick-up artist in Europe, Super Seducer rings so many “nope” bells that it’s shocking that a PlayStation release was ever considered in the first place. It plays out as a sequence of awkward interactions with female strangers, situations where the player character is given options of how to respond with the goal of making a sex with her.

“I did expect a small segment of the population to take issue with it, just like they might with anything related to dating skills for men,” he told the BBC. “[It] has received a lot of negative coverage from people who have never played the game. They want to brand it sleazy, sexist, misogynistic, and even ‘rapey’. I found it all very aggressive and not at all helpful.”

If you’re a sexual predator down on your luck with the ladies, and would like to make sure you act like a jerk at all times, Super Seducer is apparently available on Steam. Link? Nah man, you’re on your own. In more ways than one.

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