Sony announces a special edition PS4 Pro for God of War fans

If you’re a God of War fan, chances are you’ve heard about the latest upcoming installation into the long-running series where Kratos grows a longer beard and seeks the quiet life out among the Vikings. He started another family, lost his second wife, and now has a son who tags along with him on an epic adventure to fight monsters, and possibly the Norse gods as well. Ahead of the 20 April 2018 release date for the game, Sony has also announced this kickass limited edition space silver console with a custom skin from God of War.

The bundle applies only to the PS4 Pro, so no regular PS4s will get this neat skin (although I’ll bet there’ll be a few aftermarket replicas that you can buy once third-party sellers can scan and print it). The bundle also only ships with a 1TB hard drive, which is a bit confusing given how enormous games have become in a short time. 2TB models should become the norm in 2018, in my opinion.

The console’s skin is a stylised drawing of Kratos’ axe in the game, while the controller has an etched Viking rune on the right handle, and the game’s logo printed on the trackpad. It’s a pity that Sony didn’t also change out the blue LEDs in the console and controller for gold-coloured ones to match the skin’s colours.

The God of War Limited Edition PS4 Pro combo will be available on the same launch week as the game, and will retail for $400 in the US. That’s the same price as a normal black PS4 Pro, so it’s a really good deal. Locally, pre-orders peg the price at R7,499, while a regular PS4 Pro retails for around R6,500.

Preorders for the bundle are available through Raru, Loot, and BT Games.