Welcome to this week’s Mosh Pit. We’ve got another mixed bag of things for you, including turntables, the second season of a show starring everyone’s favourite MCU heroine, the book that inspired Netflix’s Altered Carbon (people still read books, right?), and some gamer-y headphones that might appeal to audiophiles as well.

Like a record going right round, right round!

Turntables have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years, because loads of people insist it’s the purest way to listen to music. That, and there’s some novelty in handling bulky physical media again – especially when you’re manually aligning the head and amusing yourself by spinning the record backwards, hearing demons and death metal as a result. But what exactly attracts people to records?

Thorens clearly knows the answer, because they’re super excited about their new turntable range, comprised of the TD 903, TD 805, and TD 907 with suspended sub-chassis designs that reduce the size of the unit, and incorporate three springs for suspension and smooth playback. It’s a faithful reproduction of the units the company used to make in the ’60s and ’70s, according to Thorens. Is it possible that the LP vinyl renaissance also ends up bringing back aluminium dials, super capacitors, and tape decks? Only time will tell.

Jessica Jones season 2 out now

One of the better Marvel Cinematic Universe tie-ins has to be Netflix’s Jessica Jones. The first season was quite good, although the cinematography couldn’t match Daredevil’s single-shot fight scenes. In the first season, Jessica had to confront her fears and her past, fighting against an old enemy, played by David Tennant.

We’re not sure where season two will take us, but there are hints of a tie-in with Iron Fist, and there are rumours that the evil organisation The Hand will make an appearance as well. Maybe save this one for Friday night and binge it.

Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan

Perhaps you’ve already engrossed yourself in the Netflix series and can’t wait for more of it. Well, here’s some good news: Altered Carbon is based on a 2002 novel, and it has two sequels that you can buy online or in bookstores as reprints: Broken Angels and Woken Furies.

The reprints will be retailing on bookshelves sometime this month for around R200, available online from retailers like Raru, or in-store at Exclusive Books.

Sennheiser GSP 300 gaming headphones

Sennheiser’s popularity with gamers wasn’t really something the company consciously achieved. Gamers took to the brand naturally as audiophiles discovered how good Sennheiser’s products are when it comes to details in the sound and having a flat response for shooters like CS:GO.

High-end headphones have become another growth market for the industry as people seek better-quality products, and Sennheiser’s first tailored product for gamers is the GSP family. For around R1,500, the GSP 300 is a good entry-level starting point for gamers interested in higher-grade audio solutions, and it just gets better from there.

Ticket to Ride is just as devastating as Monopoly

We’ve all experienced the sudden increase in tension in the living room when someone pulls off something particularly heinous in Monopoly. Maybe your dad bought all the houses and thought it was funny, or your sister’s steam engine strategy was a little bit too effective and made her obscenely rich.

Well, you should throw away that crappy, argument-ensuring board game and move up to Ticket to Ride, a game about building railroads across North America and achieving a monopoly on railways to earn points and goal cards, and ultimately win the game. The base game can cost quite a bit, especially if you’re buying the 10th anniversary edition, but there’s tons of add-on packs that include new, bigger maps, different game mechanics, and new goals to work towards to win the game.

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