The final Sea of Thieves beta has taken to the water on Xbox One and PC, and it’s open to all

This is it, folks – the final dress rehearsal for Sea of Thieves. After countless closed testing phases, its time for everyone else to get a piece of the action with the first (and only) open beta for Rare’s upcoming oceanic adventure. This is going to push the servers and systems harder than ever before, so expect to hit rough waters now and then.

This weekend’s outing will also be the most fully featured Sea of Thieves experience to date, as the latest developer update video explains. The Merchant Alliance Guild will be available this time, opening up new mission types and voyages, so, along with digging for treasure and being stabbed by other pirates, now you’ll also be smuggling chickens and other livestock.

The skeleton fort missions will be available for the first time too, so you’ll be able to team up with other crews and take on armies of the bony undead. Look out for the skeleton clouds hovering ominously on the horizon, load up on guns and bring your friends.

As you can imagine, with this being the first test of this magnitude, Rare’s people will have their hands full all weekend, pulling levers, pressing knobs, patching holes, sweeping poop decks, and dealing with all manner of unexpected issues on the high seas. The developer has warned everyone that things could get a bit messy while they put the game through its paces one last time, so don’t throw a tantrum if your free weekend isn’t as flawless as you might hope.

The Sea of Thieves open beta is running now, and you’ve got until 10AM (GMT) on Sunday to hoist your Jolly Roger and be more pirate.

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