This year’s Call of Duty is Black Ops 4 and it’s coming in October

Last month we had an industry insider telling the world that the next Call of Duty would be Black Ops 4. Then, just the other day, NBA star James Harden, who throws a basketball around for the Houston Rockets, turned up with a cap emblaz0ned with that looked like a Black Ops 4 logo. And now we can bury any lingering uncertainty, because Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been revealed, and it’s coming in October this year.

Treyarch will once again be putting in the hours behind this one, a studio which has become synonymous with the Black Ops sub-brand. Release is scheduled for 12 October, with a community reveal event set for 17 May. The little video included in the announcement tweet also instructs us to forget what we know, which is no. 3 on the list of terribly vague marketing slogans to keep people interested while saying bugger all.

Naturally, because we are a cynical, miserable bunch, the gaming public’s primary concern has been relating to the way that the Black Ops 4 logo eschews the Roman numeral system and the IV we all expected, giving us the IIII logo instead. First world problems, huh?

Still, you lot go moggy for Black Ops, don’t you? So, come launch day, the logo could be made up of four stripes of homeless person vomit and you’d still buy it, so don’t get too worked up about it now, okay? Okay.


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