Greetings NAGintide, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. My house was invaded this weekend by parentals, but I’ve waded through the family dinners and wholesome conversation just in time to bring you the abbreviated roundup of the week’s events. Peace, love, fibre internet.

Fortnite has dropped its big 3.2 patch, and along with it is a limited time game mode – 20v20v20v20v20. Teams of 20, is what I’m getting at here.

For a change of pace, side-scrolling adventure puzzler Golem got a gameplay trailer this week, showing off an indication at a reasonably compelling story to unfold alongside the engaging gameplay.

On the Switch, we get a proper look at Travis Strikes Again: No More Heroes. While it’s seemingly a collection of mini-games of sorts, the whole thing is tied together with a story-focused adventure mode.

Speedrunners and their ilk never cease to amaze me. I can’t even begin to imagine the type of patience and mindset it takes to grind the same thing, over and over again. Well Twitch streamer The Happy Hob has taken grinding to another dimension. After a YEAR of trying, he’s finally managed to complete the entire Dark Souls trilogy without taking a hit. Here’s ten hours of video to prove it.

Somewhat less impressive is this oddball production that is apparently in its second season. Gamerz (curse that stupid f**king unnecessary Z) is a cringey reality show where players compete for a spot in the Fnatic Academy – and a CS:GO career beyond. Winners are determined by a lot of tasks seemingly quite unrelated to CS:GO, or gaming at all.

Battle Royale games are the new DotA clones, with each new iteration trying to set itself apart enough to gain Fortnite/PUBG levels of popularity. Enter Darwin Project, a ten-man Battle Royale that has one player as the “director”, who can talk to all the players, run the game and play God as he sees fit. It’s an interesting concept, which will be even more interesting to see how it plays out. The game is available on Early Access for just 15 dollars.

Final Fantasy XV looks pretty freakin’ incredible on PC – here’s a comparison video with Xbox One X to show off what the masterrace is capable of.

Vermintide was apparently really, really good. A hidden gem of sorts, I remember praise being heaped upon the rat-murder-simulator. The sequel, out this week, seems to be getting similar praise. Have a looksie.

Finally, the much anticipated Frostpunk has finally gotten a release date – April 24th. Here’s the announcement trailer.

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