PUBG on PC has emotes now, so you can express yourself with fake laughter and ironic clapping

Dropped sometime in the night, a new update for the PC version of PUBG has added some most-wanted things to the game like a friend list, Steam achievements, and – perhaps most importantly – a repertoire of gestures that aren’t explicitly obscene or passive-aggressive, but could be totally obscene or passive-aggressive because this is an online multiplayer game, and because those are the rules, and because of the implication.

For now, the emote menu includes go, hello, affirmative, thanks, clap, laugh, surrender, rage, you’re done, negative, provoke, and come here, with more to come “in future”, according to the (extensive) patch notes, so assume that the inevitable dance emote is already in the works.

Besides the obligatory server and client optimisations and fixes for stuff like “a slower falling speed when switching seats on a three-wheeled motorcycle mid-air”, the update also features 37 Steam achievements, and you can now add up to 50 people to an in-game friend list and organise an emote party in Pochinki.

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