A man was shot out of a cannon to celebrate the imminent launch of Sea of Thieves because, hey, YOLO, and all that

Sea of Thieves is out next week, and Microsoft took this opportunity to launch a man 60.96 metres through the air, as one does. David “The Bullet” Smith is the human cannonball in question, and he’s by no means a novice – he actually just broke his own Guinness World Record, having previously flown 193 feet, 8.8 inches (59.09 metres) in 2011.

The marketing stunt took place at an Xbox event held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida, with Smith sent flying out of the business end of a 34-foot Sea of Thieves-emblazoned cannon. If you haven’t been following Sea of Thieves you might not see the connection, so I should probably point out that players can be shot out of cannons in the game. There must be safer ways to market a game, I’m sure, but you know the old saying: if you want to get everyone’s attention, shoot someone out of a cannon and put them in dire risk of a violent, squishy death. Smith nailed his landing, however, so he lives to tell the tale.

David “Cannonball” Smith, David “The Bullet” Smith’s dad, is reported to have done a 61 metre launch in 2002, but the Guinness World Records chaps weren’t there to verify that supposed record.

My main concern here is, what the hell are going to do to top this for State of Decay 2? Whatever it is, I want no part in it.

Via Gamespot

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