Drake played Fortnite and helped break a Twitch streaming record in the process

Fortnite started from the bottom, now it’s here.

There’s no denying it, Epic’s battle royale phenomenon is huge, and it just keeps blowing up. We’re at the point now where sports stars are celebrating with moves ripped from the game, and celebrities are talking about just hanging out playing Fortnite with their rich friends. Drake played it last night, with someone named Ninja, although that’s probably not his birth name, and Twitch viewers went full feral with excitement.

The stream broke the Twitch record for concurrent viewers, racking up an incredible 600,000 people sitting in front of their computers watching someone else play video games. You guys know you could have been using that time to actually play video games, right? Still, 600,000 is not a figure to be sniffed at, and it smashes the previous record of 400,000 viewers.

As pointed out in Gamespot’s coverage of the matter, rapper Post Malone chipped in via Twitter to let people know that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the superior game. But let’s keep in mind that Drake wrote Energy, whereas Post Malone has a barbed wire tattoo on his face, so, you know, take it from whence it comes.

It’s also worth mentioning that the topic of pineapple on pizza came up during the Fortnite session. “I enjoy pineapple on pizza,” said the Canadian rapper, giving the one and only correct answer.