Local indie game Jengo needs your help to postpone the apocalypse

Joburg studio Robot Wizard has launched a new funding campaign for its retro nostalgic point-‘n’-clicker Jengo, and you’ve been chosen to invest your cash munnies and make it a real game. You’re so special like that, hashtag blessed.

Available now in super-exclusive “Backstage Pass” preview mode for people who have the top secret link (TOP SECRET LINK), the FIG funding campaign features multiple investment options for you, the discerning gamer, including the opportunity to be an NPC in the game, omg.

“As much as we want to make this project, we are still two mere mortals with grumbling bellies and families to support,” Jengo creators Louis du Pisani and Graeme Selvan explain in the blurbs. “We have been working on Jengo on our after work hours so far, but in order to complete the game with the proper polishing, we need to be able to work on it full-time.”

There’s also a new promo video with a guy buffing a fire extinguisher because… because.


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