The NAG Podcast: Episode 83 – A NAG Goodbye

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This is the last NAG podcast episode 83 recorded for the 16th of March 2018.

Join Beetle001 as he hosts PenguinZAGeeMaxGutterlily and axtremes to discuss all the latest news in the world of gaming.

On this episode of the NAG Podcast, we get a bit nostalgic as we wish NAG a fond farewell, welcome aboard a new co-host, cover some of the week’s news in gaming and sneak in some esports.

The hosts of the Podcast would like to thank NAG for posting the podcast to the NAG website for the last 83 episodes and for all the fun and memories we’ve shared at events and rAge. NOTE: The Podcast is on a two week break, and will relaunch on the 6th April – if you subscribe to the RSS feed, nothing will change but the name!

The NAG Podcast is also available via PodBean, iTunes or RSS.

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