Win a copy of Echoplex (Echoplex, Echoplex, Echoplex)

Local indie developer Output Games’ trippy cyber-döppelgänger puzzle-’em-up has managed to break out of the lab and onto Steam, and we’ve got 10 copies of the game for you and you.

Mixing creepy minimalist aesthetics with live action video sequences, Echoplex is a unique, non-linear 3D platformer in which you must manipulate time to bamboozle a digital duplicate of yourself who copies everything you do.

“With Echoplex, we were looking for new ways to create a fully-realised world that carries emotional weight – something that only real actors can bring to a story,” explains game director Tyron van Vuuren in the press stuff. “The game doesn’t come to a halt during cutscenes; instead, Echoplex allows players to get involved in the storytelling process – building their own interpretation of events as they piece things together. And although the cutscenes may look expensive, we had a very tight budget. Kudos to the visual effects team who worked hard to achieve those results.”

We previously featured Echoplex as one of our rAge home_coded most-wanted in 2016, and local gamers have been “super supportive” of the game, Tyron tells us. So as a special dankie, he’s sent us some Steam codes to give away. To enter, leave a comment under the article, and we’ll pick 10 random winners on Monday.