A girl has been shot in the head by her 9-year old brother over a video game controller

Absolute tragedy struck Monroe County, Mississippi, this weekend, where a 9-year old boy shot his 13-year old sister in her head after a dispute regarding a video game controller. The girl was taken to a children’s hospital in Memphis, but sadly succumbed to her injuries and passed away over the course of the weekend.

The girl had refused to give up the game controller when her brother demanded it, according to a NY Times report, prompting the boy to shoot her once in the back of her head, where the bullet entered her brain. No details have been released regarding the type of firearm or ammunition used, but authorities are investigating the terrible incident.

There will be those demanding to know the nature of the argument, how the boy gained access to the firearm, the game being played at the time, and so on, to give context this tragedy, and all of these things are bound to be revealed over time.