ASRock teases their new GPU design with a trailer

ASRock has been in the news lately after a rumour by Digitimes claimed that the company was looking to make graphics cards, and would be approaching AMD in partnership for their first release. That same day, news of the NVIDIA GeForce Partner Program broke out, and everyone wondered if ASRock’s new line of GPUs would be NVIDIA-exclusive to cash in on that sweet advertising bonus. ASRock has now released a trailer for their new brand, Phantom Gaming, featuring a few teasers of the GPU’s design.

Fast, mysterious, unpredictable – these are the words the company uses to describe their latest lineup, and they’re not giving any important details away in the teaser. Well, except for one – the card in the teaser uses a single 8-pin auxiliary power connector, which means we’re looking at a product that, at most, has a 225W thermal limit, drawing up to 75W of power from the PCIe slot and up to 150W from the ATX power connector.

That’s about all we have to go on for now. I’ve downloaded the video and intend to isolate the slices of the picture to get an idea of what we’re looking at, but we shouldn’t have long to wait.