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Greetings NAGilzets, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week is an HDMI cable ready to go head-to-head with your GTX 1080, Ubisoft talks microtransactions in Far Cry 5, Sega teases a new racing game (maybe), Activision is doing a remaster (maybe), PUBG still sucks on Xbox, the Myst devs make a surprise announcement and we get another look at the newest Mechwarrior game. All that, more news and highlights from the week, after the jump.

HDMI cable releases which promises integrated anti-aliasing and improved image quality

So, this is a thing. A company called Marseille has released the mCable Gaming Edition, an HDMI cable that reportedly contains hardware capable of improving anti-aliasing and image quality in everything you connect it to.

It does all this via an ASIC processor at one end of the cable which processes every frame it receives, allegedly providing edge detection, artifact removal and colour management. This all comes at the ludicrous price of between $120 and $150 dollars though. By the time you get that over here, it’s gonna cost you somewhere between R2K and R3K. Ouch. If you’ve recently inherited Lara Croft’s fortune, you can check out the video review below to see if this one is for you.

Ubisoft confirms Far Cry 5 will have microtransactions

Of course it will. This is the new frontier of gaming, and it’s unlikely to go away. Previously confined to free-to-play titles, it appears we’ve reached the moment in our timeline where microtransactions in full-price AAA games are the norm.

Executive Producer on FC5 has clarified that everything you can buy will be available in the game – you just have to work harder for it. This is also the new norm, and serves as a nice allegory for real life – work hard, or be rich and not have to. “We’ve set the game up to be generous,” Hay said. “We’ve set the game up so…nothing is locked [away]. You can go out and explore, and the game will reward you for your exploration.”

These microtransactions are available for single player and co-op, as well as the head-to-head multiplayer. Mercifully, this won’t give multiplayer any balance issues as the purchases will just be cosmetic. On a more positive note, the game’s campaign will be playable entirely offline. Not a big deal for most people anymore, but for some it is welcome news indeed.

Sega teases new Sonic Racing game (maybe)

Sega put out a not so subtle teaser this week, featuring a bunch of revving engines followed up with an obscured logo, with only a familiar looking red R highlighted. Check it out:

It’s an identical R to that found in the Sega Saturn racing game Sonic R. There’s been rumours for a while about another Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed game ever since developer Sumo digital apparently made an internal presentation. One of the slides spoke of an “unannounced karting game” which was “based on an established global IP”.

The only thing throwing cold water on all of this is a matter-of-fact tweet from community manager Aaron Webber, who stated, “Saw rumors floating today about another SART game. Just wanted to confirm it’s not a thing”. Whether or not that’s just an ironic gaff is unclear at this point.

PUBG still sucks on Xbox One

But, refreshingly, developer Bluehole is willing to admit it. In a recent roadmap of the game on Xbox One, the studio said in a statement: “To put it bluntly, we are simply not satisfied with the game’s current console performance. Especially so during tense moments of onscreen action.”

While patches are coming consistently, and there have been improvements, performance is still not close to where it should be – particularly in the early stages of the game when the game has to wrestle with having 100 people on the map.

What’s most worrying undoubtedly for Bluehole, however, is how main competitor Fortnite has no problems at all. That game manages 60FPS on all consoles (including Sony’s machine, which PUBG doesn’t support at all), and has the full weight of a AAA studio behind it. Bluehole is no doubt in somewhat over their head, being a relatively small operation that found overwhelming and rapid success. In the video below, you can see the performance analysis of where the Xbox is currently at.

Myst series to get special anniversary updates

Wanna feel old? The Myst series is celebrating it’s 25th year anniversary. What’s got fans talking this week, however, is the unexpected announcement that developer Cyan will be releasing updated versions of all five games in the series.

“We managed to finally talk to all the right people and departments and put some funding together to try to make it happen. With agreements in place, we’re happy to announce that we’ll be releasing updated (for Windows 10) versions of all the Myst games later this year,” they said on the series’ website.

Impressive. It’s unclear yet what “updated” exactly means, be it graphical remasters or actual new content. Since they needed funding, it seems it’s not something half-assed. The game’s anniversary is in September, so probably expect the release somewhere around then.

New Mechwarrior 5 games trailer is all the metal and explosion violence-porn you could want

They’re still making MechWarrior games? Has this been going on for some time now?

No – it hasn’t. I just googled, and MechWarrior 4 came out nearly 20 years ago. Hot damn. This is kind of a big deal then, and it feels like it’s not getting that much press. Mechs clearly just aren’t as cool as they once were, but they’re slowly making a comeback after the Mech lobby managed to get Pacific Rim made. Of course, in fairness, MechWarrior Online has been around recently, slowing reclaiming the fanbase.

Then there’s Titanfall, which is actually the greatest mech game you can play right now. Still judging by this trailer, MechWarrior 5 is hoping to take the crown back with an honest-to-goodness mech game. Expect this one in December this year.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered possibly coming, possibly coming next month

A listing on Amazon Italy has been spotted, for Modern Warfare 2 Remastered – yours for the low low price of 20 euros.

It wouldn’t be the first time a game’s release had been spoiled by an overzealous retailer, but it also wouldn’t be the first time a listing like this was some kind of optimistic placeholder rather than a real thing. Still, after the critical acclaim of the first Call of Duty Remaster, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if this were real.

The one thing that doesn’t quite add up is the release date of April 30th. That doesn’t give Activision a lot of time to market this thing, something they love to do. No comment from the publisher yet, so no clue if this one is actually real. If it is, can we stop at Modern Warfare 2, because everything after that sucked. If Activision is taking requests, my vote for the next remaster is Call of Duty 2.

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