Ark: Survival Evolved joins the ever-growing list of games being ported to Nintendo Switch

Studio Wildcard has revealed that the popular prehistoric open-world survival game Ark: Survival Evolved will be heading to Nintendo Switch, squeezing everything from the PC, Xbox One and PS4 versions onto Nintendo’s hybrid console. The news comes barely a week after the developer announced that Ark would be coming to iOS and Android later this year.

This means that the game will soon be playable on just about every platform on the market, except for that knock-off Golden China 8-bit thing you bought at Game for R199.00 that takes those 1000-in-one game cartridges, except that the first 612 games are just Mario Bros. but with Mario wearing different coloured overalls each time.

Players can expect “the complete contents and features of the original game; from the massive and mysterious ARK island, to the more than 100 prehistoric- and fantasy-inspired creatures such as the T-Rex, Giganotosaurus, Rock Drake and Reaper,” according to Studio Wildcard.

For the Nintendo Switch version, Studio Wildcard has called on port experts Abstraction Games to help with the heavy lifting. These chaps have a pretty solid port portfolio, so it’s safe to expect good things when Ark: Survival Evolved lands on Switch. If you’re yet to lay eyes on the original game, have a look at NAG top brass playing it over here.

Via Nintendo Life

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