Giblets: F1 2015 is free on the Humble Store for a limited time

Jules Bianchi, 3 August 1989 - 17 July 2015 (aged 25)

If you’re a racing nut who’s looking for something cool to play, and by some absurd miracle you’ve never touched the F1 franchise by Codemasters, you might wanna listen up. For the next 24 hours, Codemasters’ award-winning F1 2015 is free on the Humble Store.

I reviewed F1 2015 on PS4 some years back and scored it 72. It was quite a decent upgrade from the rather iffy run the series had had with previous games not on par with what you’d expect from a veteran racing game developer. F1 2015 was the turning point for the series, and it’s only gotten better since then.

As a result of it going free, the multiplayer might see some new life for this weekend, but otherwise you should view this as a single-player experience. While that’s downloading, you can listen to the game’s original soundtrack. The main credit sequence pays homage to Knight Rider!