The latest Deadpool 2 trailer is one big F-bomb of violence, one-liners, and good times

There’s a new trailer for Deadpool 2, and it’s loaded with everything you could possibly hope for. We get the usual mix of ultraviolence, inside jokes and self-aware quips laden with the hero’s trademark abrasive language, and a brief look at Deadpool’s assembled team of sidekicks – X-Force. As with the first film, Deadpool 2 is far from family friendly fun (Wow, how’s that for a barrage of F-bombs?), so don’t play this trailer with the volume up if you’ve got children – or your boss – milling around within earshot.

So, that’s the trailer. Let’s go over some of the key moments, shall we? Deadpool kicks a person’s head clean off. Deadpool smashes a person’s head in with a cement block. Deadpool takes a bullet through his hand, twists the gun around and shoots a person in the head. Right, so that’s the important stuff… the rest is narrative padding, the stuff Donald Trump fast-forwards through to get to more killing. We do get a nice introduction to the motley crew who make up X-Force, though, which is pretty cool. This clan is definitely the anti-Avengers… for one thing, the language alone would make Captain America’s brain explode.

Deadpool 2 is out on 18 May. And, if we’re to believe Wade Wilson’s banter at the end of the trailer, slamming superhero franchises which should call it quits after two films, this could well be the last. But it wont. Because money.