This Week In Gaming [Video Roundup]

Greetings NAGeebots, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. It’s been two days of social engagements and pressing plans when all you really want to do is watch Twitch in your underwear. Still, I had a double-scoop of coffee in order so you all have some pretty videos to look at – here’s what’s been happening this week, in abbreviated fashion. Hope it’s been a good weekend!

Proving that game devs have yet to run out of idea, Afterparty is a new title that has players trying to outdrink Satan to make it out of hell. Yep.

Battle Royale games are pretty much what you can expect to see for the next five years or so, and since Fortnite‘s success everyone else is looking to tack on the game mode to revive their own struggling title. Enter Bad Blood, a battle royale mode for Dying Light.

Sea of Thieves gets the Xbone tech analysis in one of Digital Foundry’s excellent videos.

Metro Exodus is looking pretty damn beautiful in this tech trailer, showing off Nvidia’s real-time ray tracing tech – whatever that is.

Jalopy is a curious title about driving a shitheap across the Eastern Bloc to get your uncle wherever it is he desperately needs to go. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting, but since it’s coming out of two years of Early Access you can assume there’s more here than you might think.

Assassin’s Creed Rogue was somewhat overshadowed by the kind-of-awful Unity, being that it came in as the swan song for the old-gen consoles. However, people who play Ubisoft titles tell me this one is a goodie – which is great news for those who overlooked it, as the game has been given the remaster treatment. DF compares it to the original.

I’m too poor to be interested in VR games, but I’m a man of the people. So here’s a trailer for Budget Cuts, a sneaky VR stealth title. Enjoy, ya rich bastards.

The future of AI is not in bots that are programmed to behave in a particular way, but bots that can teach themselves the optimal way to do things. The tech that got famous thanks to Google’s DeepMind is now being used in all kinds of applications – like AI for Battlefield 1.

Far Cry 5, like its predecessor, has a hidden ending. Once again it’s a bit of a troll that has you finishing the game in the first ten minutes by essentially avoiding a key conflict or event that sets off the game’s narrative. Still, I kind of like the cheekiness of it.

I’ll finish off with these pretty awesome tech videos from GDC, showing off what’s possible with the Unreal engine.

Dance Central (Harmonix) is getting a VR makeover in 2019.
Look forward to blood on the lounge floor as Harmonix announces Dance Central VR