PUBG introduces new limited-time events

If Fortnite can copy PUBG, then PUBG can copy Fortnite, and those are the rules and so, like Fortnite, PUBG now has a new Event Mode… event mode featuring custom remixes of the original recipe chicken dinner kill-’em-up.

Debuted over the weekend with a somewhat grungy eight-player-squads-and-double-rifle-drops mode “to test the basics”, according to an update on Steam, PUBG Corp apparently has big plans for the new mode.

“We know it’s not a huge change from the public matches but as mentioned above, this is just to get things rolling,” the studio explains. “The future of the Event Mode holds exciting things!”

That apparently includes “new content, much of it available in the game only for a limited time” in subsequent iterations, which is probably developer code for “public experiments”. Like jetpacks, maybe? Maybe.

In the meantime, though, a new, much more intimate PUBG map is being prepped for launch and will be available sometime next month on the game’s test servers, the studio confirmed on Friday.

“Today we are happy to announce that our public testing phases for our new map will begin in early April,” PUBG Corp boss Chang Han Kim explains in the video preview below. “We would like to go back to the days of when we were developing the game and pursuing open development once more, testing this game with our players and completing it together with you guys.”

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