Who else is mighty excited for Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Ready Player One? We ask because we’re massively excited for Steven Spielberg’s film adaptation of Ready Player One, and we’d like to know WHO ELSE EVEN IS ALSO?

The movie officially launches in cinemas nationwide this Thursday, 29 March – but those fine folks at IMAX are hosting an early screening of Ready Player One on Wednesday night (which is 28 March 2018, to be perfectly clear) at Cradlestone Mall in Krugersdorp, to celebrate the re-opening of Cradlestone’s freshly renovated cinema complex.

As a side note, apparently there was a tornado or something that devastated Cradlestone late last year. I (i.e. the anonymous entity writing these words you’re reading) didn’t even know that’s a thing that happened, so this is all news to me. It’s also ludicrous, because since when does South Africa do tornadoes that’re powerful enough to wreck malls?

First, the good news: we’ve got ten sets of double tickets to the screening to give away. If you want the bad news (and info on how to bag yourself a pair of said tickets), follow me into the tornado-proof bunker below.

Okay, so truth be told, there’s no bad news. I’m not even sorry for the deception, because all you need to do to win yourself one of the sets of double tickets is leave a comment at the bottom of this post. We’ll randomly choose ten winners either tomorrow, or on Wednesday.

Aaand that’s it! Here’s a trailer, juuust in case you somehow need more convincing:

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