Final Fantasy XV’s director is heading up a new studio under Square Enix

Square Enix has a formed a new studio with Final Fantasy XV directer Hajime Tabata at the helm, supported by members of Final Fantasy XV’s creative team. The studio, Luminous Productions, will be based in Tokyo, Japan, and will be focusing on developing AAA titles and “other entertainment content”, according to the official announcement.

Luminous Productions must be a rather small team right now, because the job listings section of the studio’s website shows that there are job openings in just about every possible category. I can’t help but a picture a studio which is currently just Hajime Tabata and two of his FFXV mates sitting at a coffee shop, scribbling game ideas on napkins.

Digging through the jobs section doesn’t tell us much about what the studio will be working on, although we know that Square Enix is tasking the team with creating new IPs. Also, some of the listings to specify experience with Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Switch and PC, so at least we know that they will be working on multi-platform projects.


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