Microsoft says Sea of Thieves is the fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation so far

Microsoft must be beaming with pride regarding Sea of Thieves. The pirate ’em up set sail last week and racked up a monstrous 1 million sales in its first day out on open waters, and currently has 2 million players. That sales (sails haha lol someone kill me) figure means that Rare’s latest labour of love is now the fastest-selling first-party new IP of this generation, according to the publisher and platform holder.

Here’s the most interesting bit: Sea of Thieves has managed to crack the top spot despite many industry critics saying unflattering things about it. Eurogamer seems to bleed sea water for Rare’s latest offering, but, besides them, you’ll see that a lot of prominent video game news outlets are somewhat disappointed.

But gamers don’t seem to care. Which is great news for Microsoft, and for Rare – you would imagine that the developer’s future as a first-party darling would have been in question, had Sea of Thieves not shifted a whole boat load of units. Still, a mixed critical response and a string of technical issues over the days since launch have not been enough to quell the enthusiasm of the average consumer, who clearly just wants to get his or her pirate on.

Let’s also keep in mind that this has been a generation of blockbuster sequels so far, so first-party original titles have been scarce. But that’s just me being a cynic. So let’s rather end off with a clever pun about Microsoft digging up treasure, or something fun like that.


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