No Man’s Sky is coming to Xbox One and getting its biggest update to date

Hello Games’ ambitious but ultimately disappointing space exploration sim No Man’s Sky is breaking free from its PlayStation exclusivity at last. The developer has announced that the game is heading to Xbox One, along with another big patch – the biggest yet – which Hello Games is calling NEXT.

No Man’s Sky was the crowning glory of the PlayStation 4 release calendar, until it was released, and then we all proceeded to swear at it, call studio founder Sean Murray horrible names, sue the developer, and just throw big, fat tantrums all over the place, really. It’s apparently a whole lot better now, many updates later. The original bare bones affair has been fleshed out, and it’s this improved version of the game which will serve as an entry point for Xbox owners.

It’s coming this summer, and since Hello Games is British, that should mean it’s our summer too. And then all the Xbox faithful, who said No Man’s Sky was stupid and lame when it was a PS4 exclusive, can pretend they never said that, and try it for themselves. Ourselves. I’m one of them.