Steep is getting seasonal activities and unique gear to earn in the process

As part of Ubisoft’s continued post-launch support for Steep, the game will now feature a Live Activities Season system, featuring seasonal content, tournaments and unique challenges, with the first season kicking off on 1 April. Completing these temporary challenges will unlock equipment items to show your peers you were there, you put in the effort, and you lived to tell the tale.

The framework for the implementation of the live activities season system comes as part of the Winter Update which was rolled out this week. Along with the new tournament and challenge offerings, the latest update also removes the level 30 progression cap, throws in temporary bonus XP events, and adds a ranked mode for the Freestyle challenge leaderboard.

Season One of the live activities kicks off with the Freeride tournaments and steps challenge, with a Freeride World Tour equipment set to be won along the way, and ends on 29 June. The levels of the challenge steps and tournaments unlock a different piece of kit, so you’ll have your work cut out for you if you want to collect the whole set.

Now, if Ubisoft could just realise that what Steep needs is not more events, but more character, more soul, then we’ll be on to a real winner. Here’s what I’m thinking: working ski lifts, NPC civilians milling around, active slope-side restaurants and social hubs. Get on it, Ubi. I’ll be waiting.