I think I’m terrible at Don’t Starve. It’s hard to be sure, because I’ve never watched anyone else play it, but surely it’s meant to last longer than 14 minutes before your dude is dead? Also, I’ve seen other people’s screenshots, and these survival savants have built some outlandish stuff. Walled gardens, sprawling orchards, little castle-like setups, that sort of thing. So, yes, I’m probably just terrible at Don’t Starve. But you don’t have to be. You can be better. And, from 12 April, you can do so on your Nintendo Switch.

Developer Klei Entertainment has revealed that the Nintendo Switch version will come packed with the additional single-player content that’s been released so far, so you’re getting the Reign of Giants & Shipwrecked expansions along with the core game. I haven’t tried Shipwrecked, but I can tell you that my little Don’t Starve man had an absolutely miserable time trying to make a life for himself within the Reign of Giants expansion. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, as apparently this sense of endless dread and desperation is exactly what people want from a good survival game.

The Switch’s mobile form factor is a good fit for Don’t Starve, a game which works really well with touch input, so if you’ve been wanting to try your hand at dying alone in a forest in the dead of night, this is a good place to start.