Your name is Henry, the year is 1989, and when you’re [storyline spoiler ahead] sent to investigate some illegal firework activity in a national park you’re accused of leering at two girls, which is when things start to get interesting. Story of my life? Possibly… but also, the narrative setup for Campo Santo’s curiously alluring adventure, Firewatch, which the developer has announced is on its way to Nintendo Switch.

“Alone for the summer with nothing to do but spot fires, your supervisor Delilah is always just a call away on your radio—and as you’re pulled out of the tower into the dense forest below, she’s your only contact with the world you’ve left behind,” says the official announcement from Campo Santo. “Imagine: The sounds of a babbling brook, a cool mountain breeze blowing through the timber. And in your hands, your trusty Nintendo Switch.”

Firewatch has been out on Xbox One and PS4 for a while already, where it garnered “generally favorable reviews”, if you care for Metacritic street cred. There is no official release date for the Switch version, but the developer has said we can expect it sometime “this Spring”, and since Campo Santo is based in California that means “this Autumn” for those of us on the proper side of the equator. So, any time now, really.

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