Razer’s Game Store opens for business

Razer has launched their own premium store for gamers who want to buy games from their favourite peripherals manufacturer. If you’re a Razer fan, this announcement should not surprise you – Razer has distributed some games through their Synapse software before, using it as a way to trial the service. The Razer Game Store is now available globally, and there’s a lot of discounts to be had if you’re interested in using it. Don’t expect a client just yet, though – Razer has said that the Game Store is the first step in the process of becoming a vendor for PC games, and from the initial launch they seem to have set themselves up similarly to outfits like Greenmangaming.

For the moment, Razer is only offering games on sale from the Steam and Ubisoft Uplay stores, giving them a sizeable catalog from the start. The Razer Game Store is essentially a key reseller outfit with a global reach. The company says the store will provide localisation and country-specific currencies for the US and Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, and France. Customer support in these regions will also be locally sourced, so you’ll be able to talk with a customer service representative who speaks the same language. The rest of Europe will receive English-only support, with prices in Euros.

Purchasing games from Razer’s store instead of the official vendors gives you certain perks. Razer says there will be rewards to claim for every purchase you make through their store, and certain games will receive exclusive deals which include extra discounts and more Razer rewards. Razer’s rewards are called zSilver and zGold. Here’s how that works:

When gamers buy games from the Razer Game Store, they get access to exclusive offers, Razer Game Store vouchers, discounted Razer peripherals on the RazerStore or other perks.

In addition, gamers will also earn zSilver loyalty rewards credits with each purchase on the Razer Game Store, including credit card transactions. Paying instead with zGold grants even larger zSilver rewards.

With its unique rewards system , buying a game from the Razer Game Store grants more value than in any other digital store as gamers are then able to redeem their rewards for other Razer products and more each time they checkout.

zSilver is additionally used and accepted as payment for purchased on the Razer Store. Their wireless Atheris, for example, costs zS 91,500. zSilver is earned through using Razer’s services siuch as Cortex and Insider, and completing “missions” will allow you to earn zSilver. zGold has additional benefits and can be earned through playing select online F2P titles like Crossfire and Smite, which support Razer’s zGold as currency in the same way that you can use your Steam wallet for Counter-Strike.

According to Razer, their close partnership with game companies and publishers will ensure that all keys sold through the service are legitimate, avoiding the issues other stores have had in the past with grey keys. In addition, Razer offers a very attractive refund policy – Purchases completed with a credit / debit card, PayPal or other modes or payment can submit a refund request within 14 days, and no limits are imposed on how long you’ve played a game, though Razer’s store manager, Nexway, reserves the right to refuse a refund if it is fraudulent. Purchases made with Razer’s zGold currency are not refundable.

It’s an interesting play from Razer, and it’s likely to see success based on their brand strength alone. You don’t need to use or own Razer peripherals to take advantage of their deals, only a Razer Synapse account is required. To celebrate the launch, Ubisoft titles are on discount with up to 75% off select titles, and purchasing any “Razer Exclusive” title in the opening week will add a $15 store voucher, double zSilver rewards, and a $10 voucher for purchasing peripherals direct from Razer’s web store online.

There’s also a celebratory store-wide discount for games by using the offer code “RGSLAUNCH15” when you’re completing your purchase. Using that discount Assassin’s Creed Origins drops almost 60% of its launch price. There are a lot of deals on offer here, and you might want to check out the Razer Store instead of Steam or Uplay if you’re looking for something new to play this weekend.

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