Greetings NAGorbians, and thanks for coming back for This Week In Gaming. In the news this week Riot Games shows too much boob, Ubisoft talks Battle Royale, a Tom Hanks impersonator comes to Steam, rat-slayers catch a break, The Sims: Japan gets a dragon sequel, PUBG gets a new killing ground and a rocky Kickstarter remake gets back on its feet. All that, some videos and highlights from the week, after the jump.

Riot apologises for “over-sexualisation” of new hero

Riot games have gotten into internet trouble over their new hero, Kai`Sa, which has been criticised as having an “overly deep” neckline.

What this means in real person speak is that she’s rocking cleavage which is wholly impractical for doing battle.

They gave some long story about “needing to show more skin” so people realise she’s human and proffered a long-winded apology, but we seem to be missing the elephant in the room here – that pretty much every human female champion in League of Legends is hilariously sexualised. Hell, even some of the non-humans are.

The various skins literally cater for adolescent fantasies, with nurse and schoolgirl outfits and the like. Who the hell are we kidding here?

I suppose they’ve made some promise about “doing better”, but all that crap is still in the game. If you’re going to do it just do it, and stop pretending you’re not trying to rope in high-schoolers with digital boob.

Ubisoft says Ghost Recon Wildlands Battle Royale is “impossible”

A Battle Royale mod is sexier than League of Legends new hero right now, but Ubisoft has given the internet a cold shower by stating it is impossible for Ghost Recon Wildlands.

Responding to a fan on Twitter, the studio said that while it “understands the allure” and it “may seem like a natural direction”, but it would also “involve changes in the game structure that are simply impposible to undertake right now”.

Cue the violins.

Open-world survival game Raft floating onto Steam in May

Raft, from Redbeet Interactive, will have you waking up with nothing but water around you, floating on a tiny raft and only in possession of a plastic hook.

The hook is used to pull both fish and other random crap out of the ocean. Over time you’ll develop skills that’ll help you survive – building new items and expanding your raft into a luxury floating home.

The game began life as a free prototype on in 2016, but the Steam Early Access version is going to have a lot more going on, with improved art, explorable islands, reefs and online co-op multiplayer.

Survival games are all the rage currently, and this seems like an interesting one. Check it out on May 23rd.

Vermintide 2 gets easier in new patch

Alright, who was whining?

Developer Fatshark has just dropped a big new patch for Vermintide 2, aimed at fixing a number of “issues” with the game’s difficulty.

It does this by including buffs for all 15 of the game’s career paths, making each hero more powerful against the rat hordes.

There’s also been a few changes to the Chaos enemies, which is across the board nerfs. There are also big changes for the veterans, with chest rewards from Veteran difficulties capped at 300 rather than 200, which lets players play longer at that level before a desire for progress forces them up into the tougher game modes.

On a side note, Vermintide 2 is a fantastic hack-and-slash, and is criminally cheap at around 250 bucks locally. If this is your kind of game at all, I highly recommend checking it out.

Harvest Moon creator’s Little Dragons Café gets first trailer

Aksys Games has shown off the first of Little Dragons Café gameplay, the new PS4 and Switch title from Harvest Moon creator Yasuhiro Wada.

As you might expect, it’s the typical quaint and cute affair, with twins having to raise a dragon after their mother falls sick from a mysterious illness – real fairytale stuff.

Similarly to Harvest Moon, this is a life-sim of sorts, except this time you’ll be rearing a dragon and managing a restaurant.

I’ll get real with you guys, this game looks about as fun as putting my genitals in a woodchipper, but I know these kinds of games have their fans – and I write these articles for the people, or something.

PUBG debuts its new “Savage” map

In the wake of constant content from Fortnite’s massive development team, it’s good to see that PUBG isn’t happy to rest on its laurels (read: enormous pile of money) and is working on bringing new content into the game.

With three days of closed beta testing done, Savage is out for analysis. The map shakes up the gameplay by being a quarter of the size of the other two maps, with much faster closing of zones as well.

This makes the gameplay an early bloodbath, and eliminates the problem of a relatively stagnant midgame that other PUBG maps like Miramar can suffer from.

Here’s a video of the new map in action, with some info on what to expect from it.

System Shock remake dev announces they’ve “gone back to their original vision”

Nightdive Studios haven’t had a smooth time with their Kickstarter project, a System Shock remake.

Following a hiatus and a revised release window, the studio has now stated that they’ll be returning to their “original vision”.

CEO Stephen Kick has said that the past couple of weeks have been a challenge, as Nightdive has attempted to unplug and refocus. Some developers have been let go, and they’ve scaled down to a “concentrated team” – the same people who worked on the Unity demo.

The game will now use Unreal Engine for more reliable performance and better visuals.

Kick has also emphasised that the studio is not “starting over”.

“We have been able to re-use the majority of work we’ve done over the past year and we’re making significant progress in a very short amount of time. With that said we’ll be inviting our highest tier backers to privately test the game beginning in September at which point we estimate that the game will be fully playable, from start to finish. The majority of the art won’t be finished, but we’ll be ready to start high-level testing.”

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Videos – Fortnite Football Edition

There weren’t many good videos this week, other than the ones I’ve already embedded, so here’s a bunch of footballers doing Fortnite emotes.

Best of NAG

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