AMD rumoured to reveal Radeon RX 500X product series soon

Has AMD itself leaked the existence of a new family of GPUs? By fiddling with URL addresses and figuring out what search terms to use, apparently, visitors to AMD’s website can see that search terms for the Radeon RX 500X series of GPUs are not simply sent to a 404 result, possibly confirming previous rumours that the RX 500X family was real.

According to, fiddling with the URLs and the search terms allowed their forum members to comb AMD’s website and reveal the new graphics card landing pages (although there is nothing more than the name to go on for now). By viewing the source code of the main search page, it was easy to go from there and find the search terms for the individual GPUs. They are:

The search URL also shows that these belong to the desktop graphics segment and not mobile graphics, which means it’s very likely that these are destined for launch fairly soon. Given the naming scheme, it’s also likely that they’re still based off the Polaris architecture with minor changes to the GPU die. There are also correct search results for the Radeon 540X and Radeon 550X, suggesting that these could be based on older GCN architectures.

Global Foundries, AMD’s production partner, did start spinning up 12nm FinFet production late last year, so it would be an opportune time for AMD to use that new inventory to produce a refresh of GPUs that are slightly faster and slightly more power efficient. With the mining craze subsiding, GPUs are coming back into stock, but on AMD’s side stocks do seem to be a bit more limited.

Further validating the rumours, a benchmark of a mobile version of the Radeon RX 560X appeared on the 3DMark database, with the GPU paired up to a Ryzen 5 2500U. AMD’s previous mobile products used the “DX” moniker to denote when the GPU was both mobile and a discrete version of the product. The 3DMark SkyDiver run might have been completed on an Acer Nitro 5, which has similar specifications. The Nitro 5 with Raven Ridge is still unreleased, so that may have given AMD time to update the GPU before it finally launched.

AMD is set to launch a new family of processors and motherboards this month, and has long been rumoured to also be planning a GPU launch in late April 2018. We don’t have to wait long to confirm the validity of these rumours.

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