Are you watching Nailed It?

Because you should be. It’s a reality baking show – but wait, it’s a reality baking show that’s much more about the “reality” part than the “baking” part, because most people are super bad at recreating a multi-tiered, air-brushed fondant shark cake. And Nailed It is a glorious, hilarious celebration of how super bad we can be.

Based on the internet meme, Nailed It features contestants whose confidence frequently exceeds their actual ability, but that’s kind of the point. We want to watch the guy nuking KitKats in the microwave to make a chocolate ganache, because schadenfreude is a legit thing, and that one time your meringues looked kind of like turds seems totally insignificant in comparison.

It’s out now on Netflix. Go binge, but maybe not on what’s coming out of that kitchen.