Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher is going to be making an appearance in Ghost Recon Wildlands

Ubisoft has teased an unexpected – but very welcome – franchise cross-over as we head into Ghost Recon Wildlands’ Year 2,  with Splinter Cell’s Sam Fisher playing a role in the upcoming Special Operations: The Call mission. Fisher has been mighty quiet since Splinter Cell: Blacklist, which, I guess, is his thing, isn’t it?

As the teaser video shows, Fisher is off to Bolivia to plug a leak. It’s clearly a mission beyond his already masterful skill set alone, so he’s calling in the Ghosts for extra firepower. I’ve missed the guy, I’m not shy to admit it. Long-time fans of the Splinter Cell franchise should also enjoy hearing what sounds like a familiar voice in the teaser – the Sam Fisher who is being inserted into cocaine country sounds a lot like the original Fisher, Michael Ironside, and not the imposter replacement who took over for Blacklist, Eric Johnson.

Ubisoft will be revealing more about this inter-Clancy crossover very soon. Like, later “today” in the US, so stay tuned.

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