Avengers: Infinity War is just a few weeks away, and Disney is probably hard at work building massive vaults to store all the money they’re going to make off of this monstrous movie. The hype machine isn’t done with us yet, though, and Marvel has put together yet another sizzling trailer to get our blood pumping.

Black Panther’s homeland of Wakanda takes center stage for the latest trailer, with Marvel working hard to cash in on the still-frothing enthusiasm that T’Challa and his people have drawn from moviegoers. Even the self-assured Tony Stark admits that the Avengers are going to need some help dealing with supervillain Thanos – cut to scenes of T’Challa and his Wakandan army, and a throbbing montage of explosions, fireballs, intense faces, and all the usual Avengers goodness.

I don’t really know how much more of this excitement I can take. It’s too much, Marvel, too much.

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